ProjectHost Grant Narrative Sample

*This is a sample from the full grant narrative provided to Project Host. The narrative was prepared in response to a local foundation's request for proposals. The formatting and content of the narrative follow the guidelines provided by the local foundation.

     Take a moment and think about what you ate today. Make a little mental list of all the healthy and maybe not-so-healthy-but-tastes-so-good food items you have consumed since waking up and rolling out of bed. Bagel for breakfast? Coffee? Greasy slice of pizza for lunch, or leafy salad? I bet you are nibbling on a snack at this very moment. 

     Now, think about how you would feel if you had not eaten all day. No bagel, coffee, salad, or snacks. Would your stomach hurt? Would you feel light-headed? Would you be able to concentrate at work? Probably not. Unfortunately, your imagined hunger is a daily occurrence for too many families in Greenville, South Carolina.

     In Greenville County alone, there are 63,810 people who are deemed food insecure according to the Food Research and Action Center. These identified individuals are uncertain about their food sources and availability on a daily basis.

     ProjectHost is a local nonprofit offering support for food-insecure adults. Our organization provides a daily, well-balanced meal to visiting patrons. In order to continue providing this essential daily meal, ProjectHost is seeking financial assistance from the Greenville Community Foundation. 

Statement of Need

     The daily meal provided by ProjectHost includes fresh produce and animal protein. The produce is grown and harvested from the organic gardens maintained on our main building’s property. Other non-perishable food items and ingredients, such as condiments, are collected through food drives held at local school districts. The only food item needed for meal preparation that cannot be attained through on-site means or food drives is animal protein. The animal protein is purchased through local suppliers.

     Animal protein is essential to a healthy diet, but often is the first to be eliminated from daily meals by someone experiencing financial hardship. Protein is more expensive than the more affordable, but less nutritious, non-perishable food items. The meal provided by ProjectHost is most likely the only meal with an adequate source of protein that a patron will be consuming that day.